Since the establishment of Memaar Al Bariq Company, we have been adding distinctive and upscale services to it and we are still striving to develop.
We have succeeded in adding many services that have been admired by our distinguished customers, namely:

•. Establishing rapid medical units and x-ray rooms isolated by bullets and equipping them for areas of destruction and disasters.

•. Caravans construction and equipping.

•. Interior decoration works and furnishing them, for example, meeting rooms and equipping them with the systems required for universities and other institutions and companies such as sound, image, translation, language laboratories … etc.

•. Supplying office equipment of all kinds (printing devices, photocopying devices).

•. Preparing card printers, ID cards, or so-called laser and regular ID Cards.

•. Rental services for photocopiers and document printing.

•. Preparing archiving systems for all sizes of documents.

•. Equipping and installing networks and communication systems.

•. Supplying and installing surveillance systems of all kinds: cameras, thermal, motion, and others.

•. Providing and installing the entry and exit devices for workers and employees, i.e. the so-called fingerprint devices.

•. Supplying and installing alternative energy systems.

•. Installing and equipping all kinds of screens.

•. Installing and equipping air conditioners and cooling ducts.

•. Install and equip sterilization gates.

•. Supplying and operating fogging units for offices, halls, and interior rooms.

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