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Mimar Al-Bariq General Trading Limited, an Iraqi company established in Baghdad and is the official distributor of NAFFCO International products in Iraq. This establishment was the result of many experiences in the field of modern technologies, especially the products of the international company, NAFFCO, which is known forits quality and high performance in the field of safety and security of souls. Realizing the importance of convenience in relation to easy access to multiple safety services, we have become the specialist in providing integrated solutions underone roof for all types of high quality fire fighting equipment and fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, specialized emergency systems, security systems, and custom vehicles such as Fire trucks, ambulances, mobile hospitals, rescue vehicles, fire fighting vehicles and airport firefighting vehicles (ARFF). The company’s work is not limited to security and safety solutions only. As our company has great experience in preparing and installing alternative energy systems (from wind or solar energy), all printing and reproduction products, electronic learning systems (smart interactive whiteboards), external screens of various sizes, measurements and specifications, language laboratories (sound), the Internet, and computers. Also, our company is specialized in the field of civil works, data base halls and rooms and their accessories.

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